Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Parenting: A Detailed Approach

I'm relieved to know that when I become a parent this guide will be here to help through the rough times when I question what to do next...enjoy!!!!!

*on a side note, I'm really not trying to mirror Jered's blog, but some of you know that we seem to be hopeless mimics lately....

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

American "Idle" and my head

-Its your boy KennyKen and I thought tonight I would just come out firing on all kinds of beliefs and one liners,observations....I'm just gonna throw stuff against the wall see what sticks, what people hate, who wants to get confrontational or praise me so away we go. First off American "Idle" is a tired retread every single week, I think prime time karaoke has run its course and is mildly amusing at best and people watch it now who hopelessly live vicariously through teenagers or people that are such posers to any self respecting person that could never buy there act (Adam Lambert),Does he have talent? Yes. Does that make him the god that millions make him out to be? No! Besides he has already made it in the cast of Wicked in L.A. so he should be that good and polishedTo be fair I used to watch this show all the time. It was a novelty and innovative in the realm of reality tv for years but tuning in to see people give a blind man with a marginal voice a free pass because of his condition is ridiculous. I get it he can't see that doesn't mean he should sell records. He is no Stevie Wonder or Andrea Bocelli. All that said I do like Allison Iraheta, to me she represents what the show was originally based on.
-In watching the Cyclones again this year it reminds me just how much fun sports can be to watch when done right. Im sure it helps that I have loved hockey since my childhood and had the opportunity to play some growing up, but, the Cincinnati Cyclones embody the aspects that every franchise should aspire to in attracting a loyal fanbase. Reasonable ticket prices $10, despite the somewhat violent nature of the sport it is a family friendly atmosphere given that on any given night a family of four can go on promotional nights and check in well under $100 try that at a baseball or football game even movies have started to get out of hand. They work to provide constant giveaways even under the constraints of a minor league budget. The intermissions are filled with events to keep the fans engaged in the evening, and on top of it all they are a great team beginning a repeat run to the championship...get out and try a game.
and now just a few things to spit out
-I think the metal plates road crews put down are in some cases as bad as pot holes and just excuses to not finish the job.
-NO ONE is as pc as they claim to be, we all have our prejudices
-Country Music speaks in plain language and pound for pound has some of the best writing
-Your Mom jokes will always be funny and get a laugh (in the proper company)
-RENT is the most complete musical every written
-It doesn't get any better than this may be the most agreeable phrase in the world. It just doesnt get any better than saying or hearing that, it just means good times
-I think everyone should be a bit selfish lest you short change yourself, complete selflessness is not healthy
-Disney kids may be robots as per the onion but I still like it
-Most people can't handle the concept of making a turn at more than 5 mph
-How does one aquire a taste for something...if you hate it originally how do you end up loving it
-Does it ever seem weird that alot of us like living with animals in our homes,(I have a dog and a cat)
-drinks are more enjoyable out of a bottle, beer out of a clear bottle
-friends are alot of times people you feel bad for disliking many things about and love them anyway (ouch) was total random thought but Im gonna stick with it
-all boys all inherently major tools when they are between 6-12.
-millions of people myself included for intents and purposes would stop existing without cell phones and internet

Monday, March 23, 2009

"In Your Face" Book

Okay so I'm just about as guilty as anyone when it comes to sharing parts of my life with people on facebook. While some of them are good friends of mine others are mere acquaintances at best. I post pictures and some random thoughts from time to time and its all in good fun. However, why did we get to a point where some people will feel completely comfortable laying out the subject matter of every event in their everyday life. Now again alot of this is devils advocate but number 1. Have we become such an exhibtionist society that we need to have our lives on display for the praise or scrutiny of the general population. Along with our newly inherint exhibitionism we have also the great need for people to read and look at the things we share and comment back to them. I mean does anyone really post (insert name)is sick,happy,headed out for a night on the town, etc and not check back later to read if someone said "hope you feel better,whats the good news or drink one for me". We are a society of instant self gratification constantly searching for ways to get the news to everyone quicker. Mail and Newspapers went to Email IM myspace facebook now twitter. Even when I finish this certain people will receive notifications that I have said something that I feel people should view me as important enough to come read. Dont take this as an insult the reason Im writing this because I do in fact want people to read it..people can claim they dont care what people think, the truth of the matter if its published or posted its because you want to be judged by what you provide to the reader. Again, I wont stop what I do with these mediums I have facebook y messenger gchat and twitter all at the ready on my phone and computer, but I do at times feel indfifferent and uncomfortable learning things about people that I feel would best be suited left to family and actual friends. Its really okay if we dont know what you are making for dinner, your doctors appointments,and what was once considered private subjects. Now if you will excuse me I'm headed over to facebook to make people aware that I posted this. Just another day BeingKennyKen

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I guess I needs me some edgemacation

Disclaimer:These views do not in any way aim to impede with or discredit the way others feel and some of it may very well be generalized. Now on with the show. Lately I've been wondering what I'm not getting. It seems that all of a sudden "new music",new folk rock or indie as was the term is widely accepted as the smart intelligent music that is thought provoking and cutting edge. But what about the people that the genre does really nothing for. Are they unenlightened because this new sound doesn't necessarily speak to them. Right now people who have read the first few lines maybe thinking wow this guy is out of touch. Why? Why is it that if someone is really into Hip Hop,Country or Top 40 radio etc, they're not pushing themselves to really appreciate music. Is it really out of the realm of possibility that someone could get the same emotional rush from a song or artist that plays to sold out arenas as someone who plays to a sparsely populated club. Again Im not here to say that I dont enjoy some of the music that is all the rage these days as a matter of fact I'm in secret listening to more of it in order to understand and see if I enjoy some of what is new out there. There may be a hint of cynacism in this tone because I wonder if sometimes in an effort to prove how great this off the beaten path style is there is certain air of elitism in that because other music is measured by top 40 charts and record sales that it couldn't possibly be done with the same message and feeling. In the end its just a gripe by me on behalf of the "common" man. Sure there is alot of crap out there on both sides of the argument but for songs like "Old Blue Chair" -Kenny Chesney "Life Goes On"-Tupac or this weeks #20 Im Yours-Jason Mraz (not my thing) but hey play on for all of you who like we are all okay in our tastes......just another tidbit of what its like Being KennyKen

Monday, March 9, 2009

Is this actually an epitaph

Okay so first post out of the blocks....Digger!! As some of you know I am a huge lifelong NASCAR fan, I have grown up on the sport and it is something that I can always count on to fire me up in great ways and heartbreaking ways. The sport has worked hard over the years to break ground in many different ways to reach out to all demographics. Now I suppose in order to secure the fan base for the future of the sport, NASCAR has decided to focus on the toddler to 10 year old age bracket...So I tune in the tv on sunday get settled in to watch a battle on the race track and instead I get a CGI gopher taking on another CGI gopher in some ridiculous dueling banjo type scene. I mean seriously has NASCAR got to the point where an animated gopher based on a track camera is the next big thing. Perhaps the contempt for the poor little Digger is just an unfortunate biproduct of my dislike for races these days starting at 3:00 or later, in order to have prerace concerts by Keith Urban or Gavin Rossdale or whoever they want to trot out there. I love concerts but not when Im there to watch a race. I understand the need to appeal to the masses but sometimes I think they do things that alienate the fanbase that has been there all these years....I can get very indepth will my thought process behind this post but this is just a taste of what it is being KennyKen!!! more to come